Sawat valley is located in the northern part of Azad Kashmir. It is a region predominantly inhabited by the members of the ethnic group known as Kashmiri Pandit. The Sawat Valley also houses several Buddhist monasteries and gompas, some of which date back to the 17th century. The most important feature of this place is its natural beauty, especially the alpine meadows that are present throughout the area.

The name ‘Sawat’ translates to ‘valley’ in the local dialect and it aptly fits this place because there are several different valleys inside it. The region is a popular destination for trekkers who wish to explore some of Pakistan’s most beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, this has also led several tourists to get stranded here without any means to survive or leave. Though you may encounter some people who have no intentions but to help you, more than half of them will have ulterior motives – including leading you into a trap so they can rob you or even sell you overpriced goods at their shops.

Covering the Basics

The best way to travel to Pakistan is through an organized tour operator. You can easily find one online. It is important to note that no travel agency will be able to make you ‘compliant’ with all the local laws and customs. You must seek advice from your tour operator before you travel. You can also contact your local embassy to know the required information about the visa and the local etiquette. This will help you to cover the basics of travelling to Pakistan.

You can find kiwai waterfall map easily on google, the best way is to use google map and download kiwai waterfall map to use them offline because in many locations signals are weak. 

Safety and security

Visitors to the Sawat valley need to be aware that they are in a war-torn country. This is a part of Azad Kashmir, which is often the subject of territorial disputes between India and Pakistan. There have been several incidences of security issues in and around the valley. The best advice for tourists visiting the valley is to take a tour agency that can provide them complete security for the entire stay in the valley.

The tour operators in the valley are not permitted to take any kind of insurance for their customers. The local population of the valley is quite hospitable and helpful. However, anyone approaching you to ask for a handout or to inform you of a dangerous situation may be trying to entice you into a trap. There have been incidents of people pretending to be government officials, offering help or informing you of dangerous routes. You should be wary of anyone who approaches you.

Government Support

The tourism industry in Pakistan is developing more and more over the last years. Previously, Pakistan was known as a terrorist state but now it’s very safe to visit Pakistan. The current government knows how important tourism is because tourists can help bring money into the economy of our country!

The Billion Tree Project initiative that’s being undertaken by Imran Khan’s government is also part of this plan for increased promotion and development in general welfare with regard to foreign tourist arrivals! As such, KPK Government has a strong vision for ease on tourist spots which will allow them to attract even more visitors from all around the world.

Stay healthy in Sawat Valley

The peace, tranquility and natural beauty of the valley make it a great place to visit. However, some precautions should be taken to stay healthy in the valley. – Drink less water than you are used to, especially in summer. This can help you avoid getting sick. – Take your medication with you.

If you are prone to any medical issues, inform the tour operator before you leave. You can also inform the local embassy of your country. – Stay away from heavy meals and alcohol. – Avoid swimming in the rivers as they are full of dangerous germs. Avoid getting into physical fights as this is a very dangerous thing to do.

Eating While in Sawat Valley

This is the only part of Sawat Valley where you can find food that is the same as what you would eat at home. This is a very important part of your trip and your health depends on it. So, you need to eat only the food that you are used to and is nutritious. Avoid eating outside and wash your hands after using the toilet. Also, avoid eating together with other people. It is better to have your meals in a hotel or eat outside the valley.

Stay safe while trekking in Sawat Valley

Trekking in the Sawat valley is a great way to explore the beauty of this part of Pakistan. However, it is best to go with a tour provider who can provide you with all the necessary safety precautions. The people of the Sawat valley are very hospitable and helpful. However, avoid walking alone on the roads as this can be dangerous. Stay away from the valleys during the monsoon season.

You can find trekking points map easily on google, the best way is to use google map and download Sawat map to use them offline because in many locations signals are weak. 


Sawat is a beautiful and serene part of Pakistan. If you are visiting the region, you should avoid the valley during the monsoon season. Apart from that, it is a great place to visit. This will help you to explore the natural beauty of the area. If you would love to visit this amazing place, you need to prepare yourself for the challenges that you will face here. This will help you to stay safe and guide you through this journey of nature.

Must check Sawat weather and Sawat location before heading towards, so you can easily manage to circumstances if you are coming to KPK first time. You can easily find hotel in around areas when you reached there.

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