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The Kumrat valley weather, the Panjkora river, the deodar forests, and the Kumrat valley’s vegetation make it the ideal place to spend the summer. The Kumrat is a beautiful valley located in Pakistan’s upper Kumrat . There are many routes to the valley, including Thal, Kalam, and the Islamabad motorway. You can now access the location of the valley through Google maps as well as through Thal.

How to reach Kumrat Valley

From Islamabad, the entire Kumrat valley can be reached via motorway M1 (8 to 9 hours’ driving). The Swat motorway (M16) from Colonel Sher Khan Interchange towards Chakdara leads to Dir Road, which finally leads to Kumrat. Alternatively, you may plan your visit to Kumrat from the Swat valley. Visitors travelling from the village of Utrar, which is near Kalam, to Thal will congregate

Kumrat Valley Location

Before heading to Kumrat, must check Kumrat valley weather and Kumrat valley location to manage to circumstances if you are coming to Sawat first time. You can easily find hotel in Sawat when you arrive there, but usually, people don’t stay long in Kumrat. You may locate the Kumrat Map on Google Maps. In addition to downloading the Kumrat valley Map for offline use. Because signals are often weak in many locations. The best way to find Kumrat location is to use Google Maps and download them. You will love Kumrat Valley Weather too.

Government Influence In Tourism In Pakistan

The tourism industry in Pakistan is growing increasingly over the last years. Pakistan used to be a terrorist state, but now it’s very safe to visit. Tourism is vital to Pakistan’s economy, so the current government is acutely aware of its importance. Imran Khan’s Billion Tree Project, a government initiative for increasing foreign tourist arrivals that also includes easing tourist spots, is a case in point. In general, KPK Government sees a great deal of potential for attracting visitors from around the world as a result of easing tourist spots.

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Some Beautiful Places in Kumrat Valley

Panjkora river

The Kumrat is a must-visit tourist attraction because of the river’s ice-cold and turquoise blue water flowing through the mountains.

Jahanbanda waterfall

Jahanbanda falls, which drops from a height of 3100 metres, is an amazing sight. The water turns into fog halfway down. Be sure to photograph the falls when you visit them.

Do Kala chashma

Do Kala chashma is a must-see attraction, thanks to its awe-inspiring views. Because chashma is surrounded by black mountains, its dark shadow is evident. Another wonderful tourist destination in Kumrat starting from Kala chashma. According to locals, Kumrat starts from Do Kala chashma.

Thal Mosque

Thal’s ancient mosque is a must-see destination for tourists. This architectural marvel of stones and wood is a serene environment. It holds a distinctive ambiance. The Kumrat River flows nearby.

This mosque, situated on its banks, is a historical structure dating back to the 19th century. Hand-crafted art and flowers were added to it after it was destroyed by fires in the 1950s. The stunning views of the mosque, the clear blue crustal water, the green grass, and the architectural mastery are all things that will be remembered for a long time.

Do Janga

Do Janga could be the end point of Kumrat, and it takes three to four hours to get there. Shahzore lake is 9 hours of walking distance away, and Kundol lake is located there. The lakes are must-see destinations. It takes three to four hours to get to Do janga.

Wooden Canal & Crooked Wood

A wooden canal built in the river is another wonderful spot to visit. Its clear water and verdant beds provide gorgeous panoramic vistas. The wide Kumrat forest is an other tourist destination. You can see rivers running through the forests, and hear birds singing, an incredible experience.

Katora Lake

While visiting Kumrat Valley, start trekking towards Katora Lake and enjoy the picturesque views. The stunning cerulean water of Kumrat sits at the foot of snowcapped mountains.

Jandrai Trek

Get up early in the morning to enjoy the natural beauty of Kumrat on the Jandrai trek. If you enjoy exploring fresh vegetation, this trek is for you. Kumrat Town Centre, majestic mountains, wildlife, thick forests, Kumrat National Park, and camping sites are among the other destinations.

kumrat valley

Best Time To Visit Kumrat Valley

The Kumrat is a wonderful location to visit from May to September. The weather is excellent at this time of year, with a temperature range of 5.6°C to 16.2°C. During the winter, the temperature fluctuates around -16.1°C, enhancing the valley’s beauty even further. Winter sports are also enjoyed by tourists during this period.

Kumrat Valley Hotels

There are tons of hotels in the Valley that can accommodate tourists. Camping is a terrific way to experience the Valley if you don’t mind getting a little messy. It’s possible to acquire tents at low cost. There are many hotels near all of the Valley’s most popular attractions.

Kumrat valley hotels and resorts are located on Kumrat Road and are close to all of the tourist locations. The Maskan Hotel is also located on Kumrat Road, and it offers breathtaking views from the hotel. The service is excellent, and the prices are affordable. There are many fantastic options in addition to the ones mentioned, such as Thall Green Hotel, Dehleez Resort, Burj al Kumrat, and Kumrat Alamir Hotel. Everything you need to know before visiting Kumrat Valley is summed up in the article’s conclusion.


These are the reason we say Kumrat valley is so beautiful. The Kumrat valley weather feels so cool even in some times. You can agree or disagree with us. Have a look at our Chitral blog if you like reading and enjoy it.

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