Charna Island
Charna Island

There are so many places out there where you can spend your vacation. You can choose to go on a cruise or take a road trip with your friends and family. However, these places might not be as extraordinary as Charna Island. 

This place is something else. It is an island located in the western part of Karachi that is home to many natural wonders and activities for visitors. If you’re thinking about taking your next vacation day. Here are some reasons why you should visit at Charna Island.

Where Is Charna Island

Charna Island is a tiny landmass in the centre of the Arabian Sea. Its picturesque location makes it an interesting destination. Charna Rock, a huge rock covered with 1.5 square kilometres of stone, sits in the middle of the ocean, giving it its name. Jet skiing, scuba diving, underwater photography, and snorkelling are some of the enjoyable activities available at Charna Island.

Mubarak Village

The Mubarak village is a tiny hamlet. Many fishermen live there, and they make their living by selling fish. Because of their low living standards and pathetic situation, many people do not even have access to fundamental needs like education, communication, healthcare, and so on. The government has failed to offer them any help.

Among the most popular activities are snorkeling, scuba diving, cliff diving, fishing, spearfishing, and underwater photography. People from all around the country come to Charna Island to participate in these exciting activities, as well as karachines. There are fishermen who come to Charna Island to catch fish, lobster, and crab from the open water in order to earn a living. The fish, crab, and lobster found here come in a variety of forms.

Charna Island Beauty

You may see a variety of marine life here as well. In addition to offering an adrenaline rush, Charna Island is a great place to hang out with friends. The Pakistan Navy also uses it as a firing range. The variety of crustaceans, crabs, and fish that call Charna Island home is what attracts fishermen to it. Divers will enjoy exploring Charna’s colourful ecosystem, which is lively and hosts numerous species.

It is a great place to dive and snorkel

One of the best things about Charna Island is that it is a great place to explore the underwater world. Here, you can go diving and snorkeling. You can experience the magical world of marine life, and you can even swim with dolphin in the water during certain times of the year. If you are an avid scuba diver, you’ll love this place. Divers can explore bottom rocks that are a part of the island’s history.

The underwater scenery here is truly stunning. If you are a first-time diver or snorkeler, this place is perfect for you. The water is calm, and you can experience so many wonders of the underwater world.

Charna Island weather

Charna Island is a popular tourist destination between September and April, when people come here to participate in the various activities. The weather during boat rides from Mubarak village to the Island is so serene and peaceful that people go there to stroll in the sea.

If you are a nature lover, Charna Island is a must-visit destination. This island is a nature lover’s paradise. You can see the amazing bird species that call this place home. Moreover, the natural landscape of the island is also something you must see.


Charna Island is a truly special place. This island is an exceptional place to visit. You can experience the wonders of marine life while exploring the underwater world. You can also explore the natural beauty of the island’s landscape.

If you are a nature lover, this island is a place you’ll fall in love with. Charna Island is a great place to take your next vacation. The advantages listed above can help make your Charna Island visit enjoyable. Charna Island is one of Karachi’s most alluring destinations.

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