Chitral is an exotic place that has a lot to offer. It is a district in the northwest of Pakistan, bordering with Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The word ‘Chitral’ means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ in the local language. This small district is home to some of the most beautiful valleys and peaks of the world. Coined as a paradise on earth. Chitral valley has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for people from all over the world because of its natural beauty and cool Chitral weather throughout the year. More over Chitral may be the largest district of Pakistan

The sights offered by this small district are so magnificent that they can leave anyone speechless! So, if you are looking for a getaway from your hectic life and want to experience nature at its finest, then pack your bags and read on to know more about Chitral valley. The government is also doint good for that place.

Chitral: A brief History

Chitral is a district in the far northwestern corner of Pakistan. It is a beautiful mountainous place located at the confluence of three countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. It is the most northerly district of Pakistan and the gateway to the Wakhan Corridor. Chitral is a part of what is historically known as Trans-Himalaya. It is a small district by area, but it has a significant location because it is at the crossroads of Central Asian trade routes.

The history of Chitral dates back to the times when Alexander the Great’s troops marched towards the Indian subcontinent. Chitral has a long and rich history. The area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age as evident from the discovery of artifacts and ancient pottery pieces by researchers. It is said that the famous explorer and soldier, Alexander the Great, marched here with his army on their way to conquer the Indian subcontinent. It is believed that the name Chitral originated from the word ‘Chitraal’ which means ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ in the local language.

Things to do in Chitral Valley

Chitral is a paradise on Earth, and you have to visit this place at least once in your lifetime. Here are some things you must do in Chitral:

– Visit Kalash Valley: The Kalash Valley is an ethnic group of people who follow their unique and ancient culture. You can also visit their shrines and attend their festivals.

– Visit Parrot Valley: The Parrot Valley is a beautiful valley that is the home to innumerable species of birds, and Chitral is one of the best places to visit to see these wonderful birds.

– Visit Chitral Fort: The Chitral Fort is a historic building that was once used as a fort. It is also known as the ‘bloodiest place on earth’ because of the many battles that happened here.

– Go Trekking: Trekking is one of the most popular things to do in Chitral. You can trek through the valleys and peaks of Chitral and see the beauty of this land.

– Visit Upper Chitral: The Upper Chitral is one of the most beautiful places in Chitral valley.

– Visit Lower Chitral: The Lower Chitral is another beautiful place in Chitral where you can visit the famous Chitral Gol Valley and the famous waterfall called ‘Singing Waterfall’.

Culture and Food of Chitral: The hidden Gem of Pakistan

The locals of the Chitral district are known as the Kalash. They speak their own language, which is a Dardic language. The culture of Chitral is very different from the culture of the rest of Pakistan because it has maintained its own distinct identity.

You can explore the hidden gem of Pakistan, Chitral, to know more about the culture of Chitral. Here are some facts about the culture of Chitral:

– The colourful culture: Chitral is a colourful place with unique customs and traditions. You can witness these colourful festivals and customs in Chitral.

– Cuisine: The locals of Chitral are very fond of eating and drinking. Their cuisine is delicious and very nutritious. You can try the Chitrali cuisine while you are in Chitral.

– Sweets: Chitrali desserts are loved by many people, and you can try these delicious desserts while you are in Chitral.

When to visit Chitral?

Chitral is a wonderful place to visit all year round. In summers, the temperature ranges from 10 to 32 degrees Celsius and in winters it drops down to -2 to 10 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Chitral is from April to October. You can explore the lush green valleys and the snow-covered mountains during winters.

Chitral weather

You can explore the lush green valleys and the snow-covered mountains during winters. However you can feel Chitral weather go good all over the year.


Chitral is a beautiful place that is the perfect place for nature lovers. The beautiful valleys and the cool weather throughout the year make it one of the most sought after tourist destinations. So, don’t delay, pack your bags and explore this lovely place on Earth. It has a lovely Chitral weather. May be the largest district of Pakistan.

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