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Covered on the mountain scope of Koh-Suleman, Fort Munro is a lavish green slope station situated in Dera Ghazi Khan. With its amazing excellence and area, the Fort is home to numerous vacationers. Fort Munro weather is so good cold during winter. Some time it could face snowfall on the hill.

Tuman Leghari, Anari Mool, and Loilaresir are the names of Fort Munro in the Baloch language. The Fort was initially evolved as a mid-year hill station by the British government in the late 90s. Situated at a level of 1970 meters hight with delightful pine trees, mango trees, and stunning picturesque magnificence Fort Munro is a lovely resource of Pakistan. The government is also working for increasing tourism in this place.

Some history

There is a concise history related with the Fort Munro. Previously known as the Loilaresir aforetime English fostered this region. In the late nineteenth 100 years, Sir Robert Forests Sandeman established a town called ‘Post Munro.’ The name was given after Significant General Andrew Aldcorn Munro. He was the magistrate of both the Multan division and the Derajat division.

On the highest point of the hill was laid out the Sandeman Cabin, a pioneer home, DCO house, and the chief house. There is likewise a Christian burial ground laid out close to the DCO house.

Location of Fort Munro

Fort Munro lies in the lower regions of Koh-e-Suleman. You can arrive at the stronghold either from Multan Punjab or Lorelai Baluchistan. Assuming you are going from Punjab, Koh-e-Suleman starts close to Rakhni.

Fort Munro’s separation from Multan is around 174-179 km going by highway 70. It requires around 3 hours and 30 minutes to arrive at the Fort from Multan. The distance between Munro from Dera Ghazi Khan is around 85 km.

Fort Munro is essential for the Sulaiman Mountain range. The reach is situated in focal Pakistan. Broadening toward the south around 280 miles (450 km) from the Gumal Pass to only north of Jacobabad, isolating the khyber pakhtunkhwa and Punjab from Balochistan. Its levels progressively decline southward, with culminations averaging 6,000-7,000 ft. The most noteworthy being the twin pinnacles (30 miles from the Gumal Pass) called Takht-I Sulaiman, or Solomon’s High position.

This legend interfaces with Ruler Solomon’s visit to Pakistan, the top at 18,481 ft (5,633 m), is the site of a Muslim Ziyarat (sanctum) visited yearly by numerous pioneers. The reach’s eastern face plunges steeply to the Indus Waterway, however on the west the reach declines all the more step by step.

Juniper and consumable pines have large amounts of the north and olives in the middle, yet vegetation is scant in the south. The Ghat, Zao, Chuhar Khel Dhana, and Sakhi Sarwar are the chief passes in the north. In the south, west of Dera Ghazi Khan, lies the slope station of Stronghold Munro.

Fort Munro

Metal Bridge

The Fort scaffold will be the second-greatest extension bridge in the world. The steel bridge is covered about 33 km in the rocky area of highway 70 to make admittance to the Fort advantageous. Additionally, the old street associating Rahim Yar khan to Dera Ghazi Khan has likewise been supplanted by the CPEC project.

The Fort Munro steel bridge project has previously introduced 8 extensions starting from Rakhi Gaaj-Khar-Bewata. The steel bridge has enlarged the street as well as made endeavors safe and permits safe jurney to Gwadar. The initial stage of the scaffold has been finished.

Tourism in Fort Munro

This wonderful hill station is arranged at 6470 feet (1970 m). Its area in the mists makes it the coldest and most wonderful district in DG Khan. The irregular snowfall makes it a really fascinating spot to spend your summers. The typical precipitation recorded is 10.70 inches per annum.

Local people call this spot ‘Small scale Murree.’ Sightseers visit the spot a ton for its picturesque excellence and verifiable importance for investigating southern Punjab and for undertakings. Climbing, setting up camp and traveling are a portion of the famous exercises.

The public authority is likewise attempting to safeguard this ‘gem’ of Pakistan. The new framework projects have been instated to make the entrance simple and give different offices. Improvement of chairlifts, trolleys, and others are in headway to make the post a top the travel industry spot. To keep up with neatness, a tidiness drive was likewise introduced.

En route to Fort Munro, many spots make your excursion agreeable. There is a characteristic lake present nearby too. The lake is additionally the wellspring of consumable water drank by local people. Remember to visit Munro stop (Delegate Chief House), a provincial court, Magistrate House, remains of the old stronghold, and an old burial ground.

fort munro weather

Fort Munro Weather

Fort Munro weather conditions are generally cold. With incessant snowfalls and precipitation all through. These highlights make Fort Munro a well-known slope station during summer. The Fort Munro temperature stays overcast and cold. Fort Munro weather usually produces snowfall in winter.


These are the reason why we choose Fort Munro as one of the best tourist place for snow fall lovers in Punjab who can’t afford to go northern areas of Pakistan for enjoying snowfall. You can be agree or disagree with us, but Fort Munro weather will give you a boost shot of coldness in winter.

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