French Beach Karachi

If you’re looking for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, then look no further than Karachi. You can escape the urban heat and congestion by taking a trip to the beautiful mesmerizing French Beach Karachi. 

This hidden gem is located near Hawks Bay Beach and offers seclusion, scenic views, and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s so much more than just a beach; it’s also home to unique little eateries that are worth discovering too. In this blog post, we will try to sharing why you need to visit the French Beach Karachi and why you shouldn’t miss it out.

History of French Beach

The French Beach in Karachi is named after the French, who once ruled the region of Sindh. It lies 28 kilometers from sadder, Karachi. That is one of the most sought-after beaches in the city. The beach was originally called the Victoria Beach and was named after Queen Victoria of Britain.

In the late 19th century, British officers were stationed in Karachi, as well as other parts of Sindh. The British were fond of the beach, as it offered a perfect location to enjoy the sea and the fresh air. Eventually, the British officers developed the beach into a recreational area for the British officers and their families. The beach was renamed French Beach by the British officers, who decided to shift the place of worship from the British Christian Church to French Church, which was located close to the beach.

General Info About French Beach Karachi

Be careful when visiting the French beach, as it is not sand-covered and soft in nature. There are sharp, edgy rocks that could slice or injure you if you walk barefoot. The beach is fantastic, and its scenic beauty attracts visitors. 

As a result, many tourists came during the summer months to see the impossible numbers of beach visitors. When local fishermen built tiny, charming huts for them. When the local fishermen built these huts for the tourists, they became increasingly popular. Therefore the fishermen sold seaside villas to Karachi’s upper class.

A Great Picnic Spot

French Beach in Karachi is known for its scenic views and tranquil atmosphere. In addition to that, the beach is also a great picnic spot, which will allow you to explore the local cuisines of Karachi. If you’re an adventure lover, then you can also try your hand at scuba diving, snorkelling, but not for surfing.

French Beach Karachi

Where is French Beach Karachi?

French Beach is found farther away from the primary street. On an assigned street known as French Beach Street, which leads further to the coastline. The French beach side is situated between Hawke’s Bay, an extremely renowned Ocean side in Karachi and Paradise Point.

French Beach Hut Booking

French ocean side is encircled by a wall, making it an exceptionally safe place. It is one of the most incredible cookout focuses for Karachi’s exclusive class. They have gatherings at their ocean side manors and spend their ends of the week at their ocean side house to have a great time. Albeit the ocean side is public property, the entrance is simply restricted to the individuals who own the property or have leased a hovel there.

Booking a Hut at a French beach Karachi is difficult. The best way to get a hut at French beach Karachi side is to have strong connections or sufficient contact with someone who has huts on the beach. It is likewise conceivable to visit French Ocean side without making a hut reservation. Yet there is no assurance that your vehicle will be given admittance or that you will find a hut on rent. This is about another article.

Things to do at the French Beach in Karachi

– Stroll – The best way to explore the French Beach in Karachi is to walk along the seashore, with your loved ones close by. You can also walk along the promenade and get a glimpse of the beautiful Clifton Beach, while you’re at it. In addition, while walking along the seashore, you can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

– Enjoy the Beach – The most important thing to do at this Beach is to spend quality time at the beach. You can go for a swim in the sea, play beach games such as volleyball, cricket, or football, or simply relax under the sun with your loved ones. If you’re looking for some adventure, try your hand at beach climbing, surfing, or even scuba diving.

– Visit a Local Restaurant – Another important thing to do at French Beach is to visit a local restaurant. Not only will it give you an opportunity to taste some local delicacies, but you can also enjoy the scenic views of the Arabian Sea while you’re at it. If you want to visit a local restaurant, simply follow the crowd. Most of the restaurants are open till late in the night, and are visited by the locals.

French Beach Karachi

Precautions before Visiting Beach

  • Must book the hut prior to visiting the ocean side.
  • Ali Goth town doesn’t have a water supply, so prior to visiting, guarantee that the hut has a full water tank and water siphon.
  • Keep additional garments with you and a couple of flip lemon too on the grounds that most probable you will get wet in view of the waves.
  • Pack your food and beverages since nothing will probably be tracked down close to the huts.
  • The ocean side is open every minute of every day, except your visit at the ocean side relies upon the hut’s reserving.


The French Beach in Karachi is so much more than just a beach. It’s a beautiful place that provides seclusion, stunning views, and a tranquil atmosphere. The best thing about this beach is that it lies just a few kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it easily accessible for a visit. It’s also a great picnic spot. A great place to enjoy the local cuisines of Karachi. 

Great place to unwind and spend time with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, then look no further than the French Beach in Karachi.

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