The Hunza Valley is a hidden paradise in Pakistan. It lies in the northernmost part of Pakistan and is surrounded by the Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. The Valley is located in Baltistan, which is above 4,000 meters and has an altitude of 5,000 meters. This makes it one of the last remaining pristine valleys in Asia with no modern constructions. The Hunza Valley has many attractions that can be explored. Also, Hunza weather becomes pretty decent in summers.

Way to Hunza Valley

In order to manage the situation if you come to Hunza the first time, you should check the Hunza weather and Hunza location. You can find a hotel in Hunza valley when you get there because most people usually spend a night here.  If you want to use Hunza map offline, the best method is to search for them on Google and download them. Using Google Maps is the best method.

Places And Eating Options In Hunza 

The Must-See Places in Valley are Blue Lake, K2, and Museum. In the winter, a wonderful sand beach surrounds a snow-covered lake. To experience authentic local Hunza food, tourists can head to the Valley. This valley has many restaurants that serve traditional Hunza cuisine. The local specialties include trout fish and coffee. There is so many lovely hotels in Valley.

The Blue Lake in Hunza

Only one side of the blue lake in Hunza is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, making it stunningly beautiful. There are several other lakes inside it as well as waterfalls and streams connecting them to each other. The blue lake is a famous tourist attraction in the Hunza Valley. Basically, the blue lake is located in Naltar Valley. Must check Hunza weather when you are coming here.

Islamabad to Hunza travel

The Hunza Valley is surrounded by the snow-capped Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountain ranges. These mountain ranges make it very easy nowadays for tourists to visit Hunza because of the silk roads. Also, there are many routes to reach there one is from the Naran side and the other is from the Karakorum Highway. However, one can travel to the Valley by air from Islamabad too. You can land at Gilgit international airport within just 2 hours from Islamabad.

Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan is an ideal country for tourists with its scenic landscapes and valleys, picturesque towns and villages, historical sites and monuments, lush green orchards and gardens, snow-capped mountains, lakes and waterfalls. The natural beauty of Pakistan has also drawn many international movie producers who have introduced the country in their movies as a romantic land of lakes, forests and snow-clad peaks. You can enjoy hiking in the hills or camping under the stars at any time of the year.

You can explore both urban getaways as well as natural features across Pakistan’s four provinces. There are hundreds of hotels offering accommodations for tourists. Prices for rooms vary depending on the quality of facilities offered. It is advisable to check hotel price lists online before booking your stay so that you don’t end up overpaying after arrival. Most major cities in Pakistan have a good number of cheap hotels that offer clean rooms at low rates.

Government support

The development of the Pakistani tourism industry has been progressing over the last few years. Pakistan was once considered a safe destination but now is a lot more dangerous. Because tourists can contribute to the country’s economy, the KPK government understands the importance of tourism. The Billion Tree Project, a sustainable development program led by Imran Khan’s government, is also part of this plan to boost foreign tourist arrivals. To make it more appealing to international visitors, the KPK government has decided to reduce the number of tourist destinations.

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