The beautiful village of Kiwai is part of the Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. It is located on the way to Kaghan Valley and can be accessed by passing through Shogran. Most travelers choose this route because this has many attraction points to visit. It’s one of the first stops when you go to naran and kaghan. Most people love to take half-hour rest in Kiwai. In this article, we try to cover some points that you need to know about Kiwai waterfall. You will also feel kiwai weather so pleasant when you reached their.

Government And Tourism

The tourism industry in Pakistan developing more and more in the last 4, 5 years. Previously Pakistan was known as a terrorist state but now it’s very secure to visit Pakistan. Also, the current government investing to promote tourism in Pakistan, as PM knows how important it is because tourism can be the reason to bring money to the country.

The billion tree project is also part of Imran Khan’s government. If Pakistan gets success in tourism’s promotion it will be really helpful in Pakistan’s economy. KPK government is eager to provide ease on tourist spots to get the most no of visitors.

You can find kiwai waterfall map easily on google, the best way is to use google map and download kiwai waterfall map to use them offline because in many locations signals are weak.

Kiwai Waterfall location

Let’s start the route from Islamabad, most of the tour guide and traveler groups start their journey from here. Starting from motorway via Abbotabbad and Mansehra you can reach balakot and the next stop will be kiwai. Usually people start their tour at midnight, it takes about 4 hours to reach Kewai, so they reached to Kiwai waterfall at 6-7 am and have breakfast at the beautiful location, where you can sit with your family in a peaceful environment.

There are a lot of hotels and restaurants here which offer delicious food but their charges are higher. Like this one of the most famous spots, some people went for a hangout for one day they choose Kiwai.



Many people have had a long and distinguished relationship with waterfalls, traveling to see them, exploring and naming them. They can present formidable barriers to navigation along rivers. The depth of Kiwai restaurants’ water is just half a foot. So there will no any danger for any sort of water droning. Yes, you need to be extra careful when you walk over it, because stones and rocks can be harm full if you fall over there. After that, you can reach Kaghan which is simply a beautiful valley.

Kiwai Is Part Of Kaghan Valley

The Kaghan Valley is located 155 kilometers long, encompassed by the Lower Himalayan mountain range. As a result, the valley has an alpine climate, and pine forests and alpine meadows are prevalent. We can spot glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, waterfalls and frosty mountain streams along with the Kunhar River’s flow through this beautiful valley.

The Kaghan Valley is always accessible to visitors during the summer and closed to visitors during winter. This is because glaciers block the roads leading to the Kaghan during winter, although these glaciers typically melt between February and April. The Kaghan valley is just before the Naran which is the next spot to visit.

If we talk about how you can go to northern areas for exploring more. You have plenty of options, you can hire a private car and guide and can go Islamabad to Gilgit Baltistan tour. Usually 4 night and 5-day tour are enough to explore these beautiful areas of Pakistan.

Second, if you have a limited budget or you are a student and want to travel to northern areas. Such as Kiwai, Naran, Kaghan, Gilgit, Hunza and Khunjrab pass you can join any tour operator. They have many packages, you can select whichever is suitable for you. You can select the best tour company by their pricing, facilities and reviews on the Facebook page. You will get the idea of which one is good and you can contact them.

Kiwai weather

Must check kiwai weather and kiwai waterfall location before heading towards Naran and Kaghan, so you can easily manage to circumstances if you are coming to Naran first time. You can easily find hotel in kiwai when you reached there, but usually, people don’t take a long stay in kiwai.

kiwai weather


Once again let’s get back to Kiwai waterfall. The view you will find here is exceptional, the peaceful enjoinment is great. Just go and enjoy your precious time with your love once there. You will get some norm in your life from your daily hectic routine of the office.

Even it’s not much burden on your pocket. Just make sure you get some knowledge about tourist spots before heading towards them because when you know. Some details about places you will enjoy more and save some time in searching when you are exactly on the spot. kiwai weather and Kiwai location are so good to enjoy with family.

Lulusar Lake is also one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. Here is a blog over Lulusar Lake.

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