Pakistan is a diverse country with many different ethnic groups. The landscape of Pakistan is diverse as well, with some of the most amazing valleys in the world. Some of these valleys are so beautiful that they will take your breath away. There are many tourist destinations in Pakistan from which one of them is Naran Valley. There are many places to visit in Naran. Naran weather is pretty good nowadays, usually many people feel cold here in summers because they belong to hot weather areas like Sibi, Multan and Lahore.

Naran Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan, and for good reason. From lush green fields to snow-capped mountains, this valley has it all. It’s not just the natural beauty that attracts people to Naran Valley though – there are also some cool restaurants and hotels here! Read on to learn more about this amazing valley, including what you can do while you’re visiting!

In this article we try to give you an over view about Naran and surrounding.

Tourist Destinations In Pakistan

The million tree project is also part of Imran Khan’s government- if Pakistan gets success in tourism, it will be helpful for economic growth. KPK eagerly wants to make sure that we can get visitors as easy as possible and helping people to find more tourist destinations in Pakistan

Naran Valley is a valley in the Kaghan Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The valley is a popular tourist destination in Pakistan. Naran Valley has lush green fields, snow-capped mountains, green hills, and green pastures. The valley is famous for its serene landscape and for being home to many villages.

You can spend your time exploring Naran Valley by either hiking or driving around the area. There are also many restaurants to choose from, which are located at Naran bazar.

Goverment Support

Pakistan is now much more secure to visit and the current government invests a lot in tourism.  Pakistan is a country of many contrasts with its beautiful natural beauty, ancient history and traditional culture alongside modern cities and industrial hubs. As you go from one place to another, the sights change gradually. However, there is something that remains unchanged through it all — the friendly spirit of its people.

Naran Valley

The Valley is known for its cool climate, Naran weather is normal in summers and very cold in winters. Beautiful mountains make it one of the most visited valleys in Pakistan. Another reason for its popularity is its proximity to Islamabad. Naran distance to Islamabad is not much, it is located just about a few hours away from the capital city of Pakistan, so people can easily visit the valley as a day trip. But there are plenty of things to do in Naran Valley itself!

The highlight of this valley is Saif ul Malook Lake. This lake is located at the base of the mountain range, and it’s one of the largest natural lakes in Pakistan. It’s also well known for its scenic beauty, and people travel far and wide just to see this beautiful lake. The lake is surrounded by mountains, so you can imagine how beautiful it must be. Naran weather feels so good in summer. Saif-ul-Muluk lake comes top in the places to visit in Naran.

Naran Valley also has some amazing hotels and restaurants worth checking out! If you do plan on visiting this valley, make sure to make reservations first. There are only a limited number of good naran hotels located in this valley, so space can run out. But the drawback is the hotel’s environment, so the other option is you can go and then decide which one to choose, however, if you are with family, it’s better to reserve first.

Naran hotels

The best time to visit Naran Valley

There’s a lot to do in Naran Valley – you have a lot of options when it comes to exploring this valley. If you will come to visit these days you will enjoy a lot because Naran weather is good at that time. Naran is such a wonderful place to visit on. Many tourists love to see such a lovely mountain valley. You can also find many places to visit in Naran and nearby areas.

You can take a tour of the valley, which is a great way to see the most popular attractions. You’ll be able to see the local markets, the most famous is naran bazar, as well as the historical sites scattered throughout this valley. There are also some cool restaurants and hotels worth checking out!

Naran Valley is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can enjoy some peace while you get beautiful sights, delicious food, and unique experiences. This is the perfect place for people who want to escape the city for a few days but still see some amazing sights. The natural beauty of this valley will leave you breathless!

Must check Naran weather and Naran location before heading towards here. So you can easily decide is a good time to go there or not. Mostly summers is the best time to visit Naran and Kaghan. You can easily find a hotel in Naran when you reached there. Usually, if you want to make it easier then you can make a booking before coming to Naran.

Naran Valley Location

You can find Naran map easily on google, the best way is to use is, download Naran Valley offline map to use them while you are offline because in many locations signals are weak.  There are many other tourist destinations in Pakistan that you can visit too.

If we talk about how you can go to northern areas for exploring more, there are plenty of options. You could hire a private car and guide or take a tour around Pakistan’s beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan area. These trips usually last four days and five nights and will allow you to explore some incredible places in the country like Kiwai Valley, Naran Gorge, Kaghan Valley, Gilgit City (Gilgit-Baltistan), Hunza Valley & Khunjrab Pass by joining one of these companies that offer packages with varying prices depending on what suits your budget best! Contacting them via their social media pages is another way of getting an idea on which company would be right for your needs – it should also help if they have reviews posted as well!

places to visit in naran

Meeting the Locals of Naran Valley

When you visit Naran Valley, make sure you stop in at the Naran Home Stay or Naran guest houses.

Guesthouses in Naran are mostly run by many local people. Naran’s people are very fun-loving and caring they are happy to let visitors experience rural Pakistani life.

These local peoples of Naran won’t just welcome you into their home with hospitality – they will also help you get to know mountains living style in a better way. You can learn about local cuisine, get tips on local attractions, and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings around Naran. You will never forget your time spent in this beautiful valley!

Naran weather is beautiful


Pakistan is a country of many contrasts with its beautiful natural beauty. Ancient history and traditional culture alongside  few modern cities and industrial hubs. As you go from one place to another, the sights change gradually. However, there is something that remains unchanged through it all — the friendly spirit of its people. This friendly nature has made it not just a popular holiday destination.

Also, an important source of income for the country as a whole. If you are planning a vacation to Pakistan. Then read on to learn about some of the best places in the country for your next leisurely getaway. From award-winning adventure parks to famous lakes, from soulfully peaceful hill stations to bustling urban centres with endless entertainment options. Here’s everything you need to know about travelling in Pakistan. Local guest houses are one of the places to visit in Naran.

Naran Valley has so much to offer and it’s definitely worth the trip. Whether you want to go for a day or a week. There is no doubt that you will have an incredible time here. Naran Valley is the best in Pakistan. It’s worth visiting. It won’t be hard to find pictures of this destination on Instagram. So if you’re not convinced, just take a look. Must come here in summers because Naran weather falls around 24-26 C in summers and there will be heavy snowfall. Surely you will enjoy your trip because the places to visit in Naran are great.

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