Nathia Gali


Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali, a holiday resort village located in Abbottabad district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is a short trip from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. In the holiday period, it is common to see huge quantities of visitors from Pakistan and abroad. It is positioned in the beautiful mountains of central Galyat district. The area, which is named for its coniferous trees, is located in Nathia Gali, is positioned in the mountains of Pakistan and enjoys its position in the wilderness. Most of the time the nathia gali weather feels pretty good especially in summer.

Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country of many contrasts with its beautiful natural beauty, ancient history and traditional culture alongside modern cities and industrial hubs. As you go from one place to another, the sights change gradually. However, there is something that remains unchanged through it all — the friendly spirit of its people. This friendly nature has made it not just a popular holiday destination but also an important source of income for the country as a whole.

If you are planning a vacation to Pakistan, then read on to learn about some of the best places in the country for your next leisurely getaway. From award-winning adventure parks to famous lakes, from soulfully peaceful hill stations to bustling urban centres with endless entertainment options – here’s everything you need to know about travelling in Pakistan.

General Info About Nathiagali

It is not only overrun with its resorts, but it also hosts its humble residents. Some of whom offer mule rides, others play party games, and still others put on monkey shows and sell rugs, carpets and umbrellas made by Pakistani labour. Many children here also go to school where they are taught the fundamentals of English so they may communicate with tourists.

Monkey shows are a common sight there, where these monkeys have been integrated into their society rather seamlessly. Seeing these mischievous monkeys swallowing a bottle of juice is a common sight. Nathia Gali is home to leopards, which are rather uncommon. The chance of an encounter is nearly equal to none.

Nathia Gali Hotels

There are several resorts in Nathia Gali where you can stay safely. The police force also keeps an eye on tourists so that they can be protected. There is public transportation to this town as well as Abbottabad and Murree. You should definitely go to Nathia Gali the next time you have the chance.

Best Hotel in Nathiagali

We can say that following are the best hotel in nathia gali. The area has a great deal of natural beauty, including waterfalls, cascading down fresh, chilled water.

The Cloud Resorts, Nathia Heights Hotel, Resort 99 Hotel, Qubed Nathiagali, Miranjani View Guest House, Blue Pine Retreat, to name a few examples, are popular resorts in Nathia Gali.

Nathia Gali weather

Nathia Gali Weather

To manage the situation if you arrive here first time. You must check the weather and the location of the Nathia Gali before heading to Northern areas. You can find a hotel in Nathia Gali when you reach there. People usually don’t stay there for a long time.  You may locate the Nathia Gali map on the internet. The best way is to download the Nathia Gali map to use them offline. Because signals are frequently scarce in many locations.

As the wind sweeps by their faces, tourists can escape the confines of their cars by taking rikshas rides in Nathia. Summers are the most popular time for tourists, but the winter season brings its own appeal. In the winter, the town sees a huge amount of snowfall, because the summer area is more popular with tourists, but the winter season has its own appeal, too. In the event of a storm, cloud coverage increases the creepiness of the city, especially at night.

Government Support

In terms of tourism, Pakistan has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Pakistan was once a dangerous terrorist state, but now it is safe to visit. The economy benefits greatly from tourism because tourists help fund our country’s economy. Imran Khan’s government is promoting the Billion Tree Project. Which consists of a range of social measures aimed at increasing foreign tourist arrivals.

The KPK government has a long-term vision for expanding tourist destinations in order to attract more tourists from around the world.


These are the reason we choose Nathia Gali as one of the most beautiful places to visit.  You can agree or disagree with us, but in Nathia Gali the weather is so good to enjoy winter there.

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