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Safari parks in Karachi are one of the most well-known adventurous spots. The animals are kept in large cages so that the visitors may see them in their natural habitat in the wild. The wildlife sanctuary is situated in the bustling Gulshan-e-Iqbal district of Karachi. The safari park Karachi is situated in the vibrant Gulistan-e-Jauhar district, which is close by.

It is also popular among residents of these areas because they like animals, and it is economical. It is a tranquil and peaceful environment. The safari park Karachi is a pleasant, peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The city of Karachi, like any other city in the world, has its fair share of green spaces. In fact, it is home to some of the biggest and most well-known parks in the country. But when you think about a safari, does Karachi spring to your mind? Probably not.

That is why I’ve put together this guide to the Safaris of Karachi so that you know where you can go if you want to have an authentic safari experience. These are five magical places where you can explore and get up close and personal with nature without having to venture outside the city limits. So read on for all the details…

History of Safari park Karachi

In 1970, the government of Karachi established Safari Park. It is one of the oldest parts of Karachi. This Park is situated near University Road, one of Karachi’s most popular thoroughfares. Safari Park Karachi is home to a wide array of unique attractions, including the mini zoo, Safari Zoo, Go-Aish Adventure Park, and much more.

Safari Park will be a big hit with the public because of its excellent services. As people spend more time there, they will grow to appreciate the nuances and minute details of the park as well. If people are hungry, there are several eating establishments in the park, including biryani, chips, and biscuits.

Ticket Price of Safari Park Karachi

The entry cost to the safari park Karachi is modest. It is economical. Individuals may enter the zoo by paying a small amount of PKR 30 per person, which includes children and adults. Despite the fact that there are expenses for the same service in the zoo, people can take advantage of it. A bus trip that takes you around the park is available. The Elephant Enclave trainer asks for an extra PKR 50 to photograph the elephant inside his enclosure. People may learn more about wild animals in their natural habitat at a modest price. But price may be increased now due to inflation and high cost of animal caring.

karachi safari park

Safari Park Karachi Timing and Location

The safari park in Karachi is Gulshan-e-Iqbal’s neighborhood and also near to Gulistan-e-Jauhar. If you are traveling from Urdu university to Karachi University, you can find it just after nepa moree. It’s just close to Metro of University road.  Timing of Safari Park Karachi is morning to evening.

Services Offered By Safari Park Karachi

An official visit to Safari Park can be an enjoyable family trip, providing many services and activities. When walking through the park, visitors should expect to walk a long distance, which will require some physical effort, but the big green grasslands will contribute to the tranquil atmosphere. Here is a list of services available at Safari Park Karachi:

  •         Bus and train ride
  •         Chair lift
  •         Swan lake
  •         Kashmir point
  •         Adventure land
  •         Amusement park
  •         Elephant enclave

Safari Park karachi

Some Amenities of Safari Park

Safari Park has been renowned among the public of Karachi for many years. This renown is because of its attractions, amenities, and unusual design. Here are some points of interest:

Bus ride

The safari park’s bus service is one of its greatest advantages. On this trip, people will take the bus from the main wildlife park to the mini zoo where they can see live animals. There are a variety of wild animals in cages for the guests’ pleasure. Gate 1 and gate 2 are the spots where visitors can see zebra, lambs, monkeys, elephants, and bucks, among other animals. People may see as many animals as they want, but there aren’t any maps to show them where the wildlife enclosures are. Nevertheless, buses and trains are good methods of transportation.

Swan Lake

There are so many ducks in the swan lake at the safari park. An attractive sitting area for the ducks is located on the lake. Other species are also represented. It’s awe-inspiring to see how white paddle swans from one side of the lake water at Karachi Safari Park to the other. Youngsters and adults are drawn to Swan Lake, where they give the white bird’s popcorn and bread.


Theme parks are open to the public for enjoyment. There are various kinds of activities, such as quad biking, rope courses, indoor climbing, paintball, and mini-golf, but the park is now closed for some unknown reason. The government, on the other hand, might reopen it for public use, if they so choose.

Chair Lift

Safari Park Karachi also provides visitors with another exciting experience, Chair lift. The chairlift takes people on a ten-minute trip, but it is not operating at the moment because of some unknown issue. It may come back to life in a few days, if all goes well.

Animals at Safari Park

Visitors to safari parks are mainly interested in seeing animals. In addition to the large numbers of animals, the safari park includes a distinct area for wild animals, which covers a significant portion of the park’s terrain. The animals at the safari park Karachi, from small to large, wild to tame, and in a variety of different species, are listed below:

  •         Lion
  •         Deer
  •         Monkey
  •         Elephants
  •         Wild pigeons
  •         Wild cats
  •         Mountain goats


The public will immediately be taken by this park’s remarkable facilities because of the amount of time they’ll spend there. People will start to appreciate and value the minute and details of the park as time passes. Every person must have visited this park at least once in their life. Safari park Karachi is the greatest and most memorable place to visit.

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