Skardu is a small town in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is located at an altitude of 5,510 metres (17,535 feet), the highest in Pakistan. Skardu is known for its snow-capped peaks and beautiful valleys. Skardu is also famous as the gateway to the giant peak of K2 and other peaks like Nanga Parbat.

The town has a number of hotels and guesthouses catering to trekkers who visit the town every summer on their way up to K2 Base Camp via Baltoro Muztagh and other trails. If you love nature, then this place is something that you must see once in your lifetime.

You may want to rent a car or hire a taxi driver if you want to explore the hidden corners of Skardu. Otherwise, walking around will give you an amazing feel for nature.

What you should know before visiting?

Here you will find an average daily climate for Skardu. The average high and low temperatures for Skardu during the summer and winter seasons are given. Summer months are May to June, while winter months are October to March. –

The monsoon season is from June to September and the temperatures get very high people avoid visiting the town during this time. The springs and autumn forests are the most beautiful times to visit the region. April and May are the months when the forests burst into bloom.

The best season to visit Skardu is between October and March, when the snow has melted and the lakes are not frozen. Summers are hot and winters are cold.

Best time to visit Skardu

The best season to visit Skardu is between October and March, when the snow has melted and the lakes are not frozen. The summers are hot and winters are cold.

Places to visit in Skardu

There are several places to visit in Skardu. If you are on a short visit to the city, you might want to visit the newly built Skardu Museum, which has a rich collection of old artifacts and photographs of local people. The city museum houses archaeological knowledge of the people of the region. If you are visiting Skardu during winter, you will be delighted to find a lively bazaar with colorful stalls. The famous Suno-e-Dunia Restaurant, with its terrace and gardens, is worth a visit. The city of Skardu has a lot of festivals and events that make it one of the most interesting tourist destinations.

Must visit Mosque

If you visit the city, you should visit the famous Masjid-e-Shah-i-Zinda at the city centre. It is a beautiful mosque built in 1774 by Mirza Shahbaz, the Governor of Skardu. The mosque has twin domes and is decorated with colourful frescoes. The mosque also has a minaret, called Bab-e-Shah-i-Zinda, a popular tourist spot.

Some hotels in Skardu which is best for budget travelers

If you are traveling by car or you are staying in Skardu for a short visit, you should stay at either Hotel Himalayan or Hotel Himalaya. Both hotels are five-star hotels and they meet all the requirements of a major tourist city. If you are traveling on a budget, then Hotel Skardu is one of the best options. It is a small hotel with well-maintained rooms. The hotel is not very popular among tourists, so you can quickly get a room without any hassle.

Walkable Street

There are many places in Skardu where you can walk. You can start from the bazaar and walk towards the river. Walk along the river till the end and go towards the mountains. There are many gardens and parks that you can visit within this walkable area. You can also walk towards the lake from the lake. Also, can visit the Lal Tibba and the lake from here. You can also visit the Diamer Bhasha Sahib Gurdwara which is situated near the lake.

Must visit places in Skardu

Masjid-e-Shah-i-Zinda – This is a famous mosque in Skardu. It is a beautiful mosque built in 1774 by Mirza Shahbaz, the Governor of Skardu. – Kangri – This is a mountain that is easily accessed from Skardu. It is one of the popular trekking destinations in the region. – Suno-e-Dunia Restaurant.

This is a famous restaurant in Skardu and is highly recommended for a delicious and hygienic meal. – Diamer Bhasha Sahib Gurdwara – This is a popular Sikh Gurdwara in Skardu. It is situated near the lake. – Lal Tibba – This is a famous walkable place in Skardu. It is near the river and you can walk along the river till you reach the mountains.

Lhama is a temple that is dedicated to the Hindu religion. It is a popular tourist attraction in Skardu. – Gulmi Trek – Gulmi is a popular trekking destination in Skardu. The trek takes you to the beautiful lake and is a must-visit for all tourists. – Baltoro Muztagh – This is the highest mountain pass in the whole of Pakistan and is situated in Skardu. – Nanga Parbat – This is one of the most dangerous peaks in the world and is accessible from Skardu.

Where to stay (Accommodation)

Hotel Himalayan – This is a 5-star hotel located in the city center. It is the best hotel for tourists and offers the best facilities for a comfortable stay in the city. – Hotel Skardun – This is a budget hotel located near the town center. It has well-maintained rooms and is a good option for those who want to stay near the city centre.

Another 5-star hotel in the city centre, which is run by the government of Pakistan. It is a good option for tourists and government guests. – Hotel Kishtwar Highland – This is a 5-star hotel located near the town center. It has well-maintained rooms and good food. If you are visiting the city during the summer season, then there are many hotels that you can book.

During this time, the hotels are packed and most of the tourists opt for these hotels. During winters, there are hardly any tourists and thus, you can book a room for a low price. You can also stay at a hotel in the town center, near the bazaar. There are many budget hotels in Skardu as well.

In terms of tourism, Pakistan has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Pakistan was once a dangerous terrorist state, but now it is safe to visit. The economy benefits greatly from tourism because tourists help fund our country’s economy. Imran Khan’s government is promoting the Billion Tree Project, which consists of a range of social measures aimed at increasing foreign tourist arrivals.

The KPK government has a long-term vision for expanding tourist destinations in order to attract more tourists from around the world.

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