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If you live in an apartment or a high-rise building, chances are you don’t have access to a private swimming pool. So what do you do on those extremely hot summer afternoons? Head to some of the the top swimming pool Islamabad, of course. There is numbers of good swimming pool in Islamabad. So you can choose any one according to your feasibility.  

If you’re not sure where to find the best public pools in Islamabad, read on. This article covers everything you need to know about the different swimming pools located in and around the capital city.

What is Swimming Pool?

Most community pools are publicly accessible. Indoor swimming pools can be found in recreation centres and other public places. Outdoor public pools, for example, are available in many areas. Most pools are available to the public, although indoor ones are available in recreation centres. Swimming pools can be found at many hotels, particularly those in popular tourist destinations near conference centers.

Because swimming pools are found at high schools, athletes, recreational swimmers, and competitive swimmers may all use them. Swimming pools may also be used for hydrotherapy or relaxation in addition to athletics and leisure.

Best Swimming Pool In Islamabad

Here is the list of some great swimming pool Islamabad. So let’s check it out.

  • Ramada Hotel Islamabad
  • Jacaranda Family Club
  • Islamabad Club
  • Serena Hotel Islamabad
  • Islamabad Sports Complex
  • Naval Anchorage Club
  • Cloud Nine Islamabad

Ramada Hotel Islamabad

Ramada Hotel is a renowned hotel chain in Pakistan that delivers exceptional services to its clients. It is extremely popular with foreign visitors and delegations, in addition to an indoor pool, the Ramada Islamabad Health Club has a well-equipped gym, a full-service spa, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna and steam room. You can find a good swimming pool Islamabad here too.

Jacaranda Family Club

The Jacaranda Family Club is a private organisation for the Jacaranda family. It is a superb alternative for individuals who live in DHA or Bahria Town in Islamabad. The swimming pools are accessible for men, women, and children. If you want to swim in Bahria Town, don’t look any further. There are also pools for women. The swimming pools are accessible all year round.

Islamabad Club

The Islamabad Club is one of Pakistan’s finest and most well-maintained clubs. Its valued clients can swim in an indoor and outdoor pool at poolside. The club’s swimming pools are among the most advanced in the country. To ensure that the water is hygienically pure and free of hazards, the club’s pool water is carefully monitored. 

Swimming lessons are also available at the club. If requested, members may receive coaching. Swimming lessons in Islamabad are costly, but this location offers coaching at an economical price.

Serena Hotel Islamabad

The Maisha Spa & Health Club is part of the Serena hotel in Islamabad. Guests may unwind and rejuvenate their bodies and minds in this luxurious environment. The pool at the Maisha Spa & Health Club is a peaceful sanctuary from the city’s bustling businesses. 

During the winter, you may swim in the free-form heated pool for free. Visitors to the pool will find wireless internet access convenient. Swimming pool fees at the Serena Hotel Islamabad are notoriously high, but they are worth it given the pool’s extensive features and status. That could be the one of the best swimming pool in Islamabad.

Islamabad Sports Complex

In addition to being the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad has a variety of appealing spots and activities for the general public. One of these spots is a swimming pool. The following list contains the some finest swimming pool in Islamabad. The Chinese provided assistance in constructing Liaquat Gymnasium, an indoor sports facility, and Jinnah Stadium, an outdoor venue, for sports activities in Islamabad. There are many swimming pools and clubs in the city. 

Sports Complex Islamabad is the most sanitary and clean sports complex. One may also join the pool on a monthly basis. It is situated within the Jinnah Sports Complex and has three smaller pools for children. Regular users may sign up for a monthly membership. A ladies’ pool is also available.

Naval Anchorage Club

The Naval Anchorage Club is an excellent starting point for leading a healthy lifestyle. They provide a variety of athletic activities to keep young people active and healthy. The club has created a well-equipped fitness studio, an attractive golf course. 

Spectacular tennis courts, a cricket pitch, indoor games, a futsal court, and a basketball court in order to transform society into a vibrant community. Its name said it all that you may find Naval club’s swimming pool as one of the best swimming pool Islamabad.

Cloud Nine Islamabad

A resort known as Cloud Nine is located in the Margalla Hills’ lush green foothills. There are various amenities at Cloud 9, including a swimming pool. A professional swimmer would not be able to swim in their pool, however. The club is located in F-7, Islamabad. With exciting recreational activities and premium dining choices, it is a wonderful escape from daily life.

swimming pool in Islamabad

Advantages of Swimming Pool

Swimming is a terrific exercise for body conditioning. It stimulates muscles, increases strength and endurance, and boosts your heart rate without overworking your body. Blood flow, sugar levels, and hormones are all regulated by it. This activity is particularly beneficial for those with chronic medical problems such as arthritis, asthma, and other limitations. 

It is an excellent way to eliminate those extra calories and fats. Swimming is a great method to burn off those extra calories and fats. Swimming is an excellent method to burn off those extra calories and fats. It is an excellent method to burn off those extra calories and fats. That’s why there are so many swimming pool Islamabad.


People of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy an indoor swimming session. This article provides information on some of most popular swimming pool Islamabad and their opening hours. People who enjoy swimming can choose from some excellent hotels and clubs in Islamabad. So you got some good swimming pool in Islamabad now, you can check out our next blog on Sozo water park.

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