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Pakistan is such a beautiful country and it is only getting more impressive with time. So much so that there are even more things that you can do in Pakistan to make your trip even more memorable. Babusar Top, one of the best places to visit in Pakistan, is an ideal destination for families, nature lovers, and adventure seekers alike. With its incredible landscape and unmatched hospitality, there’s so much to love about Babusar Top. Babusar top weather feels so good in summer.

There are many things that you might not know about Babusar Top but we’re going to break them down for you here.


One thing that stands out about the country is that it has a variety of landscapes and cultures. Many places in Pakistan stand out from the rest because of their uniqueness; we’re going to take a look at some of these unique destinations in this article. Babusar top is one of this, which is located at the mid of naran and chillas.

Tourism In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country full of natural beauty, culture and tradition. The country has several tourist attractions that can liven up one’s dull life. The greenery, the mountains, beautiful valleys and rivers are only some of the reasons why people visit Pakistan often to get away from the fast pace of life.

With increasing number of foreign tourists coming to Pakistan it is now time for us to step up our game. To sustain the growth in number of foreign tourists we need to develop different types of tourism services and facilities in addition to industries that cater specifically to this sector.

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of hotels, resorts and holiday villas being developed across the country from Gilgit Baltistan in the north to Karachi in the south as well as in smaller cities like Lahore and Islamabad as well as major tourist zones like Margalla Hills, Murree Hills, Kohala Lake & Resort, Gwadar etc.

Government Support

The Pakistani tourism industry is flourishing these days thanks to the improvements it has made in recent years. Previously, Pakistan was known as a terrorist state, but now it is a safe place to visit. The economy of Pakistan depends on tourism, so the current government is aware of how important it is. Imran Khan’s government is striving to achieve the Billion Tree Project, which aims to increase tourist arrivals, in addition to improving the state’s general welfare with regard to foreign visitors. As a result, the province wants to make it more convenient for tourists to visit.

The Babusar Road in Naran Valley

Naran Valley is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pakistan. But there’s something in Naran that you won’t find in any other region in the country: a babusar top road mountain!

The mountain, aptly named Zigzag road, is known for being the only part of this region that have the most zigzag road on it. This barren landscape can be seen from miles away and has been a major attraction for tourists visiting this part of Pakistan.

Babusar top is located in a remote valley in northern Pakistan between Naran and chillas. It’s called “babusar” because there are no plants on top of it which make it stand out from its green surroundings.

One reason people believe this road was named babusar Mountain is its beautiful location.

 babusar top weather

Best Time To Visit Babusar Pass

Babusar Top is a beautiful place in Pakistan, and it is best during spring and summer. The best time to visit the place is from May to October when the weather is pleasant and enjoy nature to its fullest. During winter, the place is deserted and you can’t visit as there will be heavy snowfall.

Weather Of Babusar Top

The best time to visit Babusar Top is from May to October. During this time, the place witnesses a pleasant climate and there are mostly tourists you find there. The temperature in the place ranges from 11°C to 25°C in the summers and almost minus in the winters. The rainy season in the region is from June to September, and the place is prone to heavy rainfall. Usually, Babusar top weather gave so fresh feeling at that time.

Before descending to Naran and Kaghan. Make sure to check the weather and location of the babusar top so you can handle any situation. If you are coming to Naran for the first time. If you want to stay in chilas, you can usually book a room chillas or Naran. People seldom stay at babusar for long periods of time. You can find location maps online, but downloading them will save you the trouble of looking for them in the future. You don’t need to take more tension about that because it’s on the route. So, you can find the place easily.


Pakistan is a huge place with many incredible places. So, now we’ve completed the theoretical trip to Babusar Top. When visiting the area, make sure that you are well-equipped. Ensure that you carry a flashlight, a pair of gloves, a warm jacket, and a raincoat for the monsoon season. Babusar Top is a place rich in nature, and it is best to enjoy the local cuisine here. So know its your time to take your family and friends to this beautiful place.  Babusar Top is a lovely place to visit.

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