Khunjerab Pass

Did you know that Khunjerab Pass is the world’s highest international border? The mountain pass connects Pakistan and China. Many people came here to visit this beautiful place. There are many reasons why this destination should be included on your list of tourist destinations. Here are some of them.

Khunjerab Pass Is The World's Highest International Border

Pak China Border is the world’s highest international border. Located at 4,693 meters, this mountain pass connects Pakistan and China. To cross, visitors need a permit from the government of both countries.

#1 The Mountain Pass Is Too Outdoorsy

This is an adventure through and through! Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, camping and even skiing in the region.

#2 This Is A Scenic Route

The world’s highest international border offers spectacular views of glaciers and some of the highest mountains in the world.

#3 It’s A Cultural Destination

Cultural diversity is a big part of Khunjerab Pass attractions. You’ll come across five different tribes here: Wakhi, Shina-speaking Balti, Burusho-speaking Hunza, Gujari-speaking Muhajir, and Dardic Shina-speaking Kashmiri.

#4 It Has The World’s Tallest Glacier

The Batura glacier on the China side is over 30 kilometers wide with a depth of more than 1 kilometer! It provides a great spot for sightseeing, trekking, and even fishing!

A Stop-Off Point At Khunjerab Pass for Tourists

There are many reasons why Khunjerab Pass should be on your list of tourist destinations in Pakistan. One reason it should be included is that it’s a stop-off point for tourists making their way to Central Asia. Trekkers often cross the border so they can spend time in Gilgit-Baltistan before moving on to Central Asia or vice versa.

The area around Khunjerab Pass is home to some spectacular natural beauty. The Karakoram Highway runs through this region, giving visitors easy access to many scenic spots along the route while also providing some incredible views of the mountains that surround the border crossing. If you enjoy hiking or just want amazing views of nature, then Khunjerab Pass should be on your list!

Beautiful Nature and Scenery

One of the most compelling reasons to visit Khunjerab Pass is the scenery. The environment is one of the most beautiful in Pakistan.

  1. Some of the World’s Highest Mountain Ranges

Khunjerab Pass is home to some of the world’s highest mountain ranges, including the Karakoram and the Himalayas. These mountains are over 5,000 meters tall!

  1. Amazing Views

The views are stunning at any time of year- winter, summer, fall, or spring. If you’re looking for a landscape with great views, Khunjerab Pass has it all!

  1. Breathtaking Landscape

The natural beauty stretches for miles which makes this area an ideal spot for photographers and artists alike.

  1. Unique Geological Features

Visitors can see unique geological features like glaciers, valleys, and more!

  1. Plenty of Activities

If you’re looking for new activities that are close to home then Khunjerab Pass might be your new destination! Hiking, camping, and more are available on this scenic route. There are also many historical sites to explore as well as traditional villages!

Khunjerab Pass weather

Tour Guide

If we talk about how you can go to northern areas of Pakistan, there are plenty of ways. You could hire a private car and guide yourself on the way while having 4-5 days in Islamabad before heading north towards Gilgit Baltistan. Alternatively, if you want to travel cheaply or as a student with limited funds and time, take any tour operator for needed packages for your trip up north. There are so many options available that it may be difficult to decide which one is best; however Facebook pages such as Trekking Northern Areas will provide reviews from people who have taken these tours in order not only show what a company’s reputation is but also help potential customers decide whether they would like their services enough for them to choose that company over others.

KPK government is very much interesting to promote tourism here.

You can find Khunjerab Pass map easily on google, the best way is to use google map and download Khunjerab Pass map to use them offline because in many locations signals are weak. Also make sure to check Khunjerab Pass weather before going.

Khunjerab Pass distance

Home to Many Cultural Landmarks

Apart from the breathtaking views, this is also one of the most culturally rich destinations in Pakistan. The region is home to many cultural landmarks including the Hunza Valley and Baltit Fort.

Hunza Valley is one of the most popular areas in the country due to its picturesque landscape and rhododendron forests. It’s also home to historic sites like Attabad Lake, Hunza River, and Concordia University.

Most travelers are drawn to this destination for its natural beauty but end up getting more than they expected because of its rich culture.

Baltit Fort, located in Baltistan, is another popular area that is worth visiting. The fort was built by Mohammad Khan-i-Khanan in 1826 after his conquest of Baltistan and Ladakh. As with many other historical sites in Pakistan, visitors can view ancient relics and artifacts at this site as well

The Silk Road

Khunjerab Pass was once a key stop on the Silk Road, one of the world’s oldest trade routes. And today, it still plays an important role in helping to connect the two countries.

This mountain pass played an important part in trade, culture, and politics centuries ago. Trade along the Silk Road helped introduce new cultures and civilizations. The route also helped fuel the Han dynasty in China.

The Khunjerab Pass is still vital to trade today because it connects Pakistan with China through Afghanistan and Central Asia. This makes it a great place for travelers looking for adventure!

An Exciting Adventure Of Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab Pass offers a thrilling adventure for adventurers. The trek is not for the faint of heart, but there are some beautiful sights on the way up. Visitors will enjoy gorgeous mountain valleys, crystal-clear lakes, and stunning glaciers on their journey to Khunjerab Pass. It’s an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

Natural Resources and Activities

No other Pakistani tourist destination has the same natural beauty and resources as Khunjerab Pass. The region is home to three mountain ranges, including the Karakoram-Karakoram, Himalayan-Himalaya, and Hindu Kush-Karakoram.

The area also offers opportunities for adventure with activities like hiking, mountaineering, skiing, rafting, horseback riding, paragliding, and more.

For visitors who are looking for a unique experience in Pakistan, Khunjerab Pass is the place to go.


Nowadays, the Khunjerab Pass is a stop-off point for tourists and a beautiful tourist destination in Pakistan. It is home to many cultural landmarks and natural resources and its beauty has attracted visitors for centuries.  But make sure to visit Naran Valley as well.

Must check Khunjerab Pass weather and Khunjerab Pass location before heading towards, so you can easily manage to circumstances if you are coming here first time.

Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure or a place to stop off for a little while, Khunjerab is the perfect destination for you!

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